The Influence of a Hosting Provider on Your Seo Efforts

The Influence of a Hosting Provider on Your Seo Efforts

Google’s algorithm is constantly evolving, growing, changing and determining what factors are important regarding your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts. There are several factors which influence a website’s SEO- keywords, reputation and links are but a few of them but , make no mistake, the company where you decide to host your site can play a critical role in your search engine rankings.


Certain webhosts are SEO friendly, and while these hosts may not offer anything per se to increase a site’s SEO, they don’t offer anything which could hinder a site’s SEO efforts i.e. they don’t engage in practices which can hinder SEO. The choice of a web hosting service provider influences certain rules relating to SEO, and this is a means by which it can contribute positively or negatively to a site’s SEO efforts. Below you can see some of them:




Site loading speed is a known SEO factor under on-page SEO techniques. Webpages should load as quickly as possible to provide users with superior user experience, leading to a reduction in bounce rates and an increase in conversion rates. To have a fast loading site, two things are necessary:


  • A webhost like Inventia Hosting with sufficient resources, including fast hardware and good data center infrastructure.
  • A perfectly coded website with optimized images, code, and text.


The second factor is under your control, but the first one entirely depends on the webhost you choose to hire. If the site provider’s hardware is not perfect for your performance, you have no option but to migrate to a different provider. Choose Inventia Hosting as your hosting provider. We promise that you won’t regret it.




Your website security is also critical, not only for your Google search rankings but also for the experience and safety of your users. A website that isn’t ranked will affect your ranking in multiple ways. Google penalizes sites under attack or hosting malware. Once visitors realize your site has security issues, it will affect its traffic and reputation. All of which contribute to a decrease in your site’s ranking.


Regardless of your personal efforts in protecting your site, your host plays a role in your site’s security. This role is most pronounced when you are relying on a shared hosting service. Thus, when other sites on the server have inadequate security, it affects and compromises the safety of your website.


At Inventia Hosting we take server security very seriously, providing you with all the necessary tools to protect your website. 5,000 small and large websites are attacked every day, so don’t risk yours hiring a third-rate hosting provider.




Contracting a web hosting company that is familiar with web hosting tips saves you a lot of pain down the road. If they are not familiar with SEO tips, your business could be negatively affected without your knowledge or even theirs.


For example, a web hosting provider could block Google bots from the robots.txt file thinking it protects your site from some malware, thus affecting your presence on Google search results. Clearly, a hosting company such as this shouldn’t be in business at all.


Some hosting providers can also shut down websites because they get lots of traffic and are consuming a lot of their resources. Others can ask site admins to get rid of plugins such as live chat because their infrastructure cannot bear the added load, even though the site admins were guaranteed unlimited resources at the outset.


The good news for webmasters is that there are lots of hosting companies and the ball is basically in your court. Even if you’ve already locked down a bad deal, you can get a superior hosting service with Inventia Hosting.