All hosting plans hired in Inventia hosting include a powerful Hosting cPanel that is extremely easy to use.


Our cPanel offers an intuitive graphical interface for quick and easy access that allows you to have absolute control over all the features and functionalities of your hosting plan.


This tool will make managing your web space really efficient and easy. With just a click of the mouse, and in seconds you can add email accounts, view their consumption, analyse statistics, access your files, create backups, etc…


Below you can see the tools and utilities that come with your account.



The Inventia Hosting cPanel comes with a Quick Start Guide Assistant to help you move around the graphical environment of cPanel and learn how it works so you can manage it perfectly. You can easily adapt it to your tastes and preferences, changing the style of the interface, language, data access and contact, password etc…


Our control panel incorporates user-friendly tools that let you control your email. Through fast and highly effective interfaces you can create email accounts, Auto Responders or forward emails, and use filters for users and accounts to manage your Email. Fight spam with Apache, SpamAssassin and email authentication. Then use the mailing lists to convey your message.


Configure password protected directories, blocking of IP addresses, SSL/TLS and key GnuPG settings to restrict access. Protect your site with HotLink Protection, Leech Protect, and ModSecurity.


Manage your domains, create subdomains, host additional domains in you hosting accounts, park domains, etc. Our cPanel provides all the necessary tools for our customers to have full control over the management of their domains.


Enjoy our application installer to create blogs, bulletin boards, guest books, electronic commerce, etc. to create a robust and dynamic site.


Make and edit backup files and folders while controlling the disk space usage of your website.


Store huge amounts of data and limit access to them using MySQL and PostgreSQL databases.


Know your visitors and track the performance of your site using Webalizer and AWStats.



Find out about all the features we offer.


Access data to our Demo Version

User Name: democpanel
Password: DemoPanel-2030

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