How Much Disk Space Do I Really Need for my Website?

How Much Disk Space Do I Really Need for my Website?

The answer is simple, clear and we give it to you in advance: little.


You may have seen that most web hosting companies offer absurd amounts of disk space, 20GB, 50GB or 100GB, or even unlimited. This may have made you think that when it comes to disk space, the more the better.


“If I get more disk space, I can store more files”, you may have thought, but the reality is that if you have a website, a personal blog or some email accounts, using a lot of disk space is quite unusual.


So don’t fall foul of those unreal offers, where hosting companies promise you the earth, because for most websites they are a myth. In fact, those offers have only been designed in a sibylline way to get the money out of your pockets without you realizing it, or even worse, making you willingly pay for what you don’t absolutely need.


Before you panic and purchase too much—or worse, too little—disk space you must first understand your website real needs.


As you will know, a website is composed of many small files. These are the html or php files, for example, that are needed for its operation, in addition to the images, or any other type of document on the page.


Most personal and small business sites need 60-120MB for their files and any databases. But, in addition to the space occupied by your website files and databases, you must also keep in mind that your email accounts will also use some disk space (large email attachments may temporarily use more space, but when they are downloaded, that space is freed up again).. So, as you have seen, chances are you do not need more than 2GB to have a web with multimedia content, databases, and a good use of email accounts.


A real example of disk space consumption


Let’s take a practical example:


This hosting account, including all the files that make up the website and databases, occupies 95MB disk space.


If it is a website to which we will be adding more and more content gradually, because it has a blog. The size is going to rise, but if we add images with a reasonable size, the consumption should not increase too much.


If you add the email account, the size needed will increase, but always keep in mind that the general purpose of having an email account is not sending and receiving large files. Emails are used for the purpose of communication, such as communicating with your clients, requesting information about products or services ….so the disk space needed should not increase too much either. In addition, you can always download mail from the server to your computer, and configure your Outlook to erase it as you download, and in this way the disk space consumption would be zero.


The Disk Space Inventia Hosting Offers You


For many years, most of our customers’ website have been running smoothly with our ESSENTIAL PLAN that includes 2GB of disk space.


There are clients who need more, if for example they going to upload many audio documents, or videos, but this is not usual.


We keep on offering our clients the 2GB plan because we think it’s still more than enough, and besides you can always upgrade your plan at any time if necessary.


What we want you to know is that all our hosting plans have been designed taking your real needs into account, with reasonable amounts of disk space that in practice have proven sufficient.


We don’t want you to waste your money on unnecessary things, so we give you the same recommendation over and over: Distrust those hosting companies who offer you exorbitant amounts of GB, or even worse unlimited resources.